Want to be a guest?

So you would like to risk coming to the tea lair, eh? Well, there’s a few things you need to know before you get in touch with us.

Since the Hugo nominations, there has been more interest from people who would like┬áto get onto the show. We produce two episodes a month, one with a male guest, one with a female guest, to ensure gender parity. That means that at the very most (barring special episodes which are incredibly rare) we have only 24 slots per year. These fill up very fast. Sometimes a guest’s schedule or unforeseen circumstances mean we need to rearrange, but generally speaking, we know who the guests will be months in advance.

So what we’re saying is: please don’t be upset if we don’t get back in touch. It’s not you. You’re splendid. It’s the simple fact there are so many more gorgeous creative people out there than there are episode guest slots.

If you still want to try, here are the kinds of guests we like: creative people – any industry, as long as you are involved in the creation of something that didn’t exist before. We have had lots of authors, screenwriters, illustrators, agents, comic creators and game creators on the show and we’re always delighted to have more.

You have to be prepared for a bit of whimsy and email prep beforehand (only a few questions) and have the means to make a Skype call.

We really, really recommend that you listen to at least a couple of recent shows first before you get in touch. Tea and Jeopardy is not the average podcast and it might not suit your style.

Fill in the form below if you want to be added to our long-list of potential guests. We’ll be in touch if a slot comes up, otherwise don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us, we have got your details.

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