Special Friends of the Order of the Sacred Teacup

These fine individuals have pledged $5 or more a month to support Tea and Jeopardy and have heard their names immortalised on the show. To join them, become a patron here.

Michael Norelli
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Richard Kellum
Mark Powell
Elanor Matton-Johnson
Denise Cicuto
Bernadette Lewis
Craig Warner
Forrest Thomas
David Mason
Eytan Zweig
Christine Doyle
Deoridhe Grimsdottir
Mark Carroll
Claire Rousseau
Fred Kiesche
Iain Broome
M Horst
Chris W
Annie Catling
Stephanie Franklin
Sara Glassman
Adela Terrell
Jane Hanmer
Chriss Cornish
Misa Buckley
Jonah Sutton-Morse