Tea and Jeopardy 38 – Patrick Rothfuss visits the tea lair

This is a special Tea and Jeopardy episode, special for two reasons: one – Patrick Rothfuss, NYT bestselling author of The Name of theWind visits the tea lair and two – this episode is part of the Worldbuilders fundraiser. (If you’re curious about the logo on Pat’s calling card, you can see it here!)

As if those reasons weren’t special enough, we’re delighted to announce that you can get your very own Tea and Jeopardy t-shirt as part of the fundraiser! This means you can help raise money for Heifer International and other great charities and look splendid too! (Special thanks to the very splendid Dom Camus for the Tea and Jeopardy logo and for making it look super lovely for the t-shirt!)

Just go to the Worldbuilders Indiegogo page and scroll down to the $25 level perk where you’ll see the description. Shipping is included for US residents. If you live outside of the US (like we do!) you can add an international shipping perk for $15 to help keep as much money as possible going to the fundraiser. There’s a full post about everything you need to know regarding getting a t-shirt over at Em’s Place.

THE T-SHIRT IS PART OF THE FUNDRAISER THAT ENDS ON JUNE 8TH 2015 – so if you want one, you need to get it now! (assuming you don’t have access to Latimer’s time machine if you’re reading this after June 8th).

But back to the episode. The wonderful Patrick Rothfuss takes tea with Emma in the late cretaceous period. The discussion roams around such topics as D & D 5th ed., Pat’s ideal roleplaying group, gray vs. grey and a tale of a kissing booth…

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Credits for the sounds effects used in this episode can be foundĀ here.